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The following is a list of other Magic related products. We take no credit nor responsibility for these products. You may contact the respective vendors for more details on any of these products


The following links refer to other sites web pages which are listing UniPaaS videos that we and others have contributed to as UniPaaS training material.

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Hot Fudge

Hot Fudge is a collection of gadgets, components, functions and utilities designed for easy integration with Magic/eDeveloper - greatly extending the capabilities of MSE's Rapid Application Development Toolkit.


GET.DLL is a set of 6 freeware Magic DLLs. This Magic DLLs suite adds useful functions (UDP or UDF) for Magic V7, V8 and V9 (eDeveloper) for Windows 9X/ME or NT/2K. It Is great to use this suite in conjunction of the Magic V8.2+ “calldll” to Windows DLLs.

Magic Optimizer

Magic Optimizer is an advanced tool providing you best possible solution for optimization and cleaning your Magic eDeveloper Applications.


mgFargo (formerly known as Mgtrans) is a utility that dumps your control file to source files having C-like statement syntax allowing the use of traditional text processing tools.

MWRTFEditor and MWRTFPreview

The MWRTFEditor and it's complementary partner control MWRTFPreview are ActiveX specially designed for usage in the Magic / eDeveloper (Magic) environment. They provide an easy and powerful solution in your applications to the age old problem of merged document output. These controls allow your end users to design their own merged documents WITHOUT having to know the first thing about the RTF Merge process.

Magic Usergroup Knowledge base

A Wikipedia like website where you can find lots of good information related to eDeveloper. This is also where the Magic Group Archive (MGA) is available.

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