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Why Choose eFactory?

-Improved quality

-Less administration

-Increased productivity

-Reduced costs


For further information on eFactory and for product demonstration please contact us.

The manufacturing industry is highly competitive. Staying competitive means constantly improving productivity and efficiency.

Do you know:

- How much is being done on your shop floor?

- If your productivity is as high as it should be?

- Are bottlenecks causing delays or waste?

- If you have a tight enough control over your production costs?

If not, you could be losing out to the competition... and sacrificing profitability. In the past, getting accurate, real-time data was both difficult and expensive. Now, however, that has changed.

Welcome to the revolutionary world of eFactory!

eFactory is a real-time apparel manufacturing data collection system that collects and responds to shop floor information during production. The system constantly keeps track of who is doing what, where, when and for how long. This data is captured using factory terminals, located near each operator on the factory floor. Even while the data is being captured and reacted to, the system produces up-to-the-minute, meaningful reports about production, that you can act upon, to increase your productivity and revenue.

eFactory solution is based on two decades of research and development in the garment industry. eFactory's comprehensive capabilities typically exceed our customer's requirements, yet at InformaPlus Solutions & Consulting, we have the ability to customize the system to meet specific interface or functional requirements in your particular manufacturing process.

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