Why Choose Ocean?




Ocean ERP

Ocean ERP is our standard and integrated enterprise-wide management appication. If you are looking for an Enterprise Resource Planner with quick return on investment, proven longevity and current technology than Ocean ERP is for you. Click here for more information.

Ocean Apparel

Ocean Apparel is a complete accounting and management system - designed to meet the unique needs of the apparel industry. Whether you manufacture garments from raw materials, and/or import finished styles, Ocean Apparel gives you the tools you need to control every aspects of your business. This edition of Ocean ERP features advanced industry-specific modules to better fit your needs.

Ocean Budget

The users of Ocean Budget are small and mid-size companies in the government, service and engineering sector. In addition to the standard Ocean ERP modules, it features a complete multi-divisional accounting, time sheet entry, expense, budget and progress billing components.

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