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The Registration price for the complete training is: $595 US

The above registration fee is for one connection and one and only one registered student. To accommodate the possibility of more than one student per connection we offer the possibility to register one or many additional students for one connection. The additional fee for each additional student in such case is: $295 US

Notes for Canadian Customers:
- Canadian customers have the option to pay in Canadian dollars at the effective currency exchange rate at the time of registration.
- Canadian customers will be charged GST (Canadian Goods and Services tax) over and above the registration fees.
- Quebec, Canadian customers will be charged PST (Provincial Sales Tax) over and above the registration fees and GST tax amount.

Important considerations about registration fees

- All Registration fees must be paid upon reception of confirmation that the class will proceed. Confirmation is typically subsequent to registration and is pursuant to the fact that enough students are registered to be able to proceed with the class. Registration can be canceled as long as the class is not confirmed. Please inform us as soon as possible when it is so.
- No place is guaranteed until the class is confirmed and registration fees are received in full. Seats to the class are assigned and reserved in order of payment received date not in order of original registration date.
- Registration fees are not refundable once the class is confirmed. However, a place may be reserved in one of the next 3 future training events of the same class topic.
- In all cases. Access will NOT be granted to the virtual classroom until registration fees are received in full.

To Register

Registering is very easy, simply send us an email at: training@informaplus.com

The email subject should be: Registration to eDeveloper online class Level1.

In the email Please Specify:

Your name (First and Last):
Your Company Name:

Full Address:
Number, Street, Suite
City, State/Province, Country
Postal/Zip code

Your Phone Number:

An email Address (if different than the one you sent the registration email from)

Simply provide the above to signify your will to register and attend and we will take it from there.

Request for further information

Shall you have questions about this training offer, send us an email at:

We will gladly answer or help in any way we can.

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