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Minimum Hardware and Software Requirement to facilitate the online course experience

During online sessions, students are in online interactivity with the teacher and other students. The following are a minimum requirements in order to be able to attend the class and have access to the information that will be provided online.

- Computer with Windows XP or later
- Up to date (Flash enabled) Web-browser
- Reasonably fast (high speed recommended) and internet access
- Skype account. Free and available at: www.skype.com
- Email account
- Comfortable headset or speakers
- Some eDeveloper Studio installed and operational
- Database (Pervasive is preferred) operational with eDeveloper Studio

Further considerations and recommendations

The following are mentioned to help maximizing the online interactive experience of the students.

- Students should keep in mind that that entire course will last no less than 16 hours online. A Minimum comfort is highly recommended. This depends of the following and other factors:
    - The chair should be comfortable.
    - Leaning in any way to compensate for bad vision or bad hearing is highly detrimental to comfort. Aim to sit straight as much as possible.
    - Looking at a screen from an angle (having to turn the head) for long periods of time can cause pain in the neck and the back.
    - The noise level around student during sessions should be minimal.
    - Using a head set covering the ears completely help listening to the teachers explanations.
    - Surrounding light should be sufficient but not overwhelming.
    - Student should not be distracted and interrupted during the class.

- It is strongly recommended to have enough screen real estate to be comfortable accessing:
    - The Web Browser for the online class.
    - The Skype panel for voice interactive session control.
    - The eDeveloper environment.
    - Other utilities like Windows explorer.

We recommend having more than just one 19" (or less) monitor during the sessions. The following are possible screen and computer layouts that should be comfortable:
    - 1 computer and one bigger screen like 24" or more.
    - 2 separate 19+" connected to one computer.
    - 2 Computers with 17+" monitors:
        - One for web interactivity (Browser and Skype)
        - One for eDeveloper and other utilities access.
    - Others may be considered and are left to student creativity.
The above are not minimum requirements but rather ideas to consider while setting up for the class.

- A microphone is not mandatory as chatting interactivity will be enabled. However, It is recommended to be able to talk in order to make yourself understood if and when you have questions during the class. Keep in mind that the quality of the microphone as well as its distance from your mouth when you talk are key factors that will determine how good the teacher and other students can hear you while you will be speaking.

- A webcam may be connedted to the skype environment but is purely optional.

- The ability for the students to invite the teacher to help directly on the student desktop for quick view an problem solving is a possibility. However:

    - For obvious security reasons and others, such communication must be configured in advance. It is as such the entire responsibility of the student and or his system administration team to establish this communication link.

    - The teacher will try his best to accommodate students preferred choice of technology provided setup is reasonably simple and no additional costs are associated to such technology on the teaching side.

    - All setup and test activities associated to student remote desktop access must be performed before or outside of regular online class sessions. Please get in touch with your training contact if you wish to have access to this kind of connectivity between you and the teacher during the course.

- Between the registration and the first online class, the teacher will contact students (individually) to offer an online trial of interaction. Proceeding with such preliminary tests before the class is highly recommended. Little to no setup support will be provided during scheduled online sessions in order not to penalize other students that would have everything ready and operational.

Bottom line

Setting up your computer environment for the purpose of the class is not a difficult task. However, we encourage proceeding proactively rather than waiting for the last minute. We will do our best to assist you in every way we can. However, we can not take responsibility for technical problems that would be specific to your environment. It is better to try everything before the course begins.

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