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Migration from Pervasive to MSSQL, Oracle or other RDBMSs.

The first advice we give when one asks about the possibility of deploying a Pervasive application over an SQL database is not to underestimate the development effort and the change of development methodology that will be required to complete such task.

Beside converting tables, there are mainly two reasons for this:

- Pervasive is a more liberal database environment than SQL.
- You can no longer escape the strength but also implications of Transaction Processing (TP) in SQL.

For the above reasons and others, migrating an application manually on your own will most likely take you many months for a 300+ programs application and could easily be over a year for a 1,000+ programs application. In today’s tight budget reality, this preliminary consideration will invalidate such exercise in many if not most cases.

Good News!

Informaplus has come up with a combination of knowledge and utilities that together can make a serious difference in taking on the migration challenge. For example, an application that would normally take ten months to migrate manually by someone doing it for the first time, may likely be migrated and deployed live with an MSSQL database in less than two months.

Significant effort remains to be made to realize such project. However, there is in many cases a strong feasibility difference in budgeting a two months or less rather than a ten months or more project.

What we offer:

Basically, we offer you to capitalize on the expertise that we have cumulated over the years and our powerful migration utilities.

Therefore, we can help you to migrate your application with the following items:

- One day training on the topic (See our training services).
- Documentation: At the end of the training, you are left with a 30 pages document covering the topic.
- We will run your application (export version), through our utilities. This typically will achieve more than 60% of the overall migration development effort.
- Consulting: Until you complete your migration, we are available to answer questions and contribute to the analysis and addressing particular challenges during the rest of the project.


The price for the above combined offer is based on the size (number of tables and programs) of the application.

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