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What is Process Management?

Process Management is a software solution that increases the operational efficiency of business administration. Using Process Management, operational tasks are executed faster and waiting times between tasks are significantly reduced. It performs the role of a Coordinator.

A Coordinator is responsible for the following:

- Gathering what needs to be done.
- Organizing and establishing priorities.
- Distribution of the tasks.
- Monitoring what is done and what is not.

Virtual Coordination is about getting the above capabilities without having to devote human resources to the coordination task itself!

Our Virtual Coordination Module (VCM) remembers and reminds you of tasks to-be-done just in time. It tracks events through dynamic Verification Processes and reports to a responsible user anything that requires attention.

VCM adds significant value to any existing Information System

Among others, VCM includes the following featues:

  • Configuration and Maintenance of an unlimited number of Reminders, Alerts and Tasks Notifications.
  • Processor that runs 24/7/365. Sends emails at the right time, to the right people about pertinent events.
  • Monitor, enabling user specific and administrator tracking of all activities relating to the Vitual Coordinator.
  • Completely dynamic Verification Processes: Verification processes can inquire the database of a legacy system to produce event base Alerts and Tasks. No more need to run these reports or inquiries just in case. The Virtual Coordinator will do it for you and report only if it is required.
  • Combined with eDeveloper, the VCM provides you with the ability to develop your own Verification Processes. The resulting flexibility is unlimited.
  • Processor Queue Inquiry to be able to view up comming events.
  • Easy interface to existing SMTP services.
  • Thorough documentation

VCM can access the database of any legacy system. This integration is native in the case of Pervasive, MSSQL, DB2 and Oracle databases.

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