-DSDM method

-Predictable results

-Experienced project managers


For further information on DSDM project managemnt please contact us.

InformaPlus' success in delivering software systems implementations comes from our commitment to carefully managing projects. We are using the project management method created by the members of the Dynamic Systems Development Method Consortium. DSDM Consortium members include companies like, Computer Associates, Oracle, Cap Gemini, Olivetti and Texas Instruments.

InformaPlus' projects are managed with a carefully designed set of supplier and customer roles, combined with technical development following the DSDM.

At the heart of the approach to project management are a series of "Project Triangles". An entire project is made up of a number of deliverables, each with its own "Project Triangle". The whole project is also viewed as one encompassing triangle. All three components of the triangle are present for both individual elements of the project, as well as for the whole project. At the corners of each triangle there is an Acceptor, a Deliverer and an End Product.

Every project starts with a kick-off meeting and a thorough project management presentation where project roles and responsibilities are established.

Adhering to the DSDM method allows for predictable results within the project's time and budget constraints.

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