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Latest RIALogin(zip)


- Settings

- Organizations

- Righs

- Groups

- Users

- My Profile

- Logon


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Extend your uniPaaS/RIA security with RIALogin.

- uniPaaS/RIA + RIALogin = The ultimate SaaS platform.

- Bring the security features of your applications to a new level.

- Combine RIALogin with your skills to do more with less effort.

- Deploy RIAlogin over your application in only a few minutes.

- Avoid re-inventing or re-doing what is already available to you.

What is RIALogin?

RIALogin is your ticket to being able to develop and deploy the highest level of SaaS (Software as a Service) applications based on the uniPaaS/RIA platform.

RIALogin was developed to enable uniPaaS/RIA developers to enhance the capabilities of UniPaaS/RIA built in security features (Logon, Users, Groups and Rights) beyond what is offered "as is", while still being able to use the uniPaaS security built in features such as the rights() function from within their applications as they did till now.

To provide such present and future control and flexibility implied the development and reproduction of the Magic built in security features as Rich Client (RC) programs and associated data structure.

Furthermore, as we reproduced things at a uniPaaS/RIA application level, we took that opportunity to conceive and develop additional features that we considered generic enough to be of potential use for any uniPaaS/RIA Application in a single or multi organizations context.

Currently includes:

- Security options are available over the web at your Rich Client menu level, as oppose to at the server only with a runtime engine restart required otherwise.
- Multi organizations and multi company built in options.
- Option to enable a 'Create New Account' option directly on the login screen.
- 'MyProfile' option to enable a user to view and access his information.
- Complete Hot Link interface to uniPaaS's built in security.
- Ability to enforce that passwords content be Alpha and Numeric.
- Ability to enforce that passwords be valid for a configurable number of days.
- Ability to enforce that passwords be different than their predecessor upon renewal.
- Ability to lock user accounts upon a configurable number of failing logon attempts.
- Ability for security administrators to lock or unlock user accounts at will.
- Compatibility with UPLogin the regular desktop equivalent product.
- And more...

What is the price of RIALogin?

In its free version, RIALogin is a full featured product which includes the component as cabinet (ecf) file which is limited to support no more than three (3) organizations with no more than a maximum of five (5) users per organization.

To remove the above limitations, one must purchase the full release of the product. The complete product release also includes the entire source code of the product, providing you with an absolute control for now and for the future for whatever you may wish to do with regards to security control.

The price will then vary based on the number of organizations and number of users you wish to be able to support with RIALogin.

How do I get RIALogin?

Simply download the latest freeware version of RIALogin here or
contact us to get a quotation for a full product license that will fit your security scope requirements.

Please note that RIALogin requires Magic Software
uniPaaS Enterprise Version 1.5 SP3 or higher.

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