- Excel-enables your RIA applications

- Great Documentation

- Sample Application

- Source code included

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RIA To Excel

Export any RIA Rich Client uniPaaS program's data view to excel instantly without additional programming!

We "RIALized" our eDev To Excel utility and you can now have the same facility to provide your RIA users over the Web with the ability to send data on the screen to Excel the same way as what is possible with eDev To Excel.

RIA To Excel is a separate and independant utility from eDev To Excel. You do not have to have eDev To Excel to be able to have RIA to Excel and vice versa.

RIA to Excel benefits:

The RIA to Excel benefits are the same as the eDev To Excel benefits, but for uniPaaS/RIA applications:

- The easiest and fastest way to add data view to excel functionality to your entire application.

- It can be effortlessly applied to any existing uniPaaS1.5SP3+ RIA application.

- Source Code Included! You can modify it at your will, you are in complete control!

- Wizard Driven.

- No third party or ActiveX utilities.

- Can work with all Databases supported by uniPaaS.

- Fully Documented.


We save all your effort and cost of developing this utility so buy it once and use it forever.

Regular Price: $345 USD.

Special initial offer and even better if you already have eDev To Excel:

For a limited time (hurry up), get 15% discount from the regular price of RIA to Excel.

For that same limited time, get 25% discount from the regular price if you already have eDev To Excel .


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