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Why Choose eTime?

-Stress Reduction

-Acurate Information

-Increased Automation

-Fewer Payroll Errors


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Todays business world is highly competitive. Staying competitive means consistently improving productivity and efficiency.

Do you know:

- How much time is spent by your work force?

- If so, how easy is it and how much does it cost you to keep track?

- What is the actual impact of overtime on your cost of operations?

- Can you differentiate between reliable employees and those often late or absent?

- Do you have a tight enough control over your attendance costs?

If not, you could be losing out to the competition... and sacrificing profitability.

eTime might be just what you are looking for!

eTime is a time and attendance solution that can significantly help managing the time spent by your employees. eTime collects and processes attendance at the source where the action is taking place. A time sheets module gives easy access to review and adjust the pre-collected and pre-organized attendance information per employee, day and week.

The costly and often stressfull effort of producing the Gross Payroll is highly simplified and automated reducing costs and avoiding mistakes. Costing and attendance history reporting ultimatly gives you the control you need over who is doing what, when and how much does it cost.

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