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eDeveloper Training

Speed up the process of refining your eDeveloper skills.

Our eDeveloper Training Program is called: Magic Revealed

Learning eDeveloper is an interesting process. In general, the learning curve to reach an acceptable technical expertise in eDeveloper is shorter than with other conventional technologies. However, it is steeper at the beginning and does require a significant change of approach to conceive and realize information processes. Sometimes, the problem is not to be able to learn something new, but rather to be able to forget about directions that are no longer the way to go.

Learning eDeveloper by yourself, reading manuals, going through the excellent eDeveloper web tutorial, inquiring on user groups and practicing is feasible. However, doing it this way is a Research and Development exercise. A lot of experimentation will be required, raising trials and errors and uncertainties leading to sometimes frustrating puzzles. There is much valuable time to save by getting a good base of principles that are essential and on which you can firmly rely to pursue your quest of the eDeveloper power.

Magic Revealed is designed to concentrate these basic principles in a tasteful potion that is given to the students in appropriate dosage during the training sessions. It is even more important, that the teachers have themselves a lot of experience applying these principles to real end users application development situations. Magic Revealed is not only a technical training. It does reveal a lot of principles about System Analysis in general for the real world.

Following is a few of the possible training sessions available within Magic Revealed

(Duration may vary based on students expertise and number of students)

Magic Basics (a new paradigm)        top

In this 5 days introductory course, eDeveloper is presented with a focus on what is unique about it. It is unfortunate to see how developers often work for a long time with eDeveloper without mastering some essential principles. Students will learn concepts such as:

  • Non procedural rules
  • Incremental updates
  • Engine online naigation flows (Step, Fast...)
  • And many more...

Furthermore, students will gain confidence in the tool through the precise revelation of some of its mysteries such as:

  • No 3GL like coding. The proof is that there is no compiler!
  • Did you ever notice that there is no 'Read' or 'Write' operations available in Magic. Yet it is quite capable of manipulating databases.

Magic Maximum (get the most out of Magic)       top

This 2 days advanced course is recommended once a eDeveloper apprentice has gained some real experience working with the tool and also masters the elements of the Magic Basics session. The course still focuses on what is unique about eDeveloper. However, it is meant to shed the light on the advanced features and techniques available in eDeveloper.

  • Basics and advanced techniques of optimization are presented.
  • How to deal with a complex multi-user environment is also covered.
  • A deeper look at the engine will reveal behaviors that you might have not noticed.
  • And more ...

A Magic Maximum session is also a great opportunity for advanced Magic developers to share there experience under the supervision of a knowledgeable moderator.

Magic 9 (another great step)        top

Magic 9 is out for four years already. It is now a mature and robust product that definitely offers strong capabilities over its (unsupported) ancestor V8. We have now applications with thousands of programs running in V9, we can testify that it is working great. This session focuses on making your transition to V9 as easy and rewarding as possible. The three days couse includes subjects such as:

  • Converting an application from V8.
  • Models
  • Components
  • New Event base engine capabilities
  • Deferred Transaction Processing
  • Com and ActiveX
  • Browser task and multi-thread engine
  • And much more...

eDeveloper v10        top

The brand new version of eDeveloper offers great new features and an enhanced developer interface. We devised the curriculum for v10 to highlight the advantages and help you migrate.

Version 10 is a significant release. We can accelerate your acquisition of the necessary knowledge that will enable you to take full advantage of the new features and avaliable concepts.

The course material includes:

  • A word document (60+ pages)
  • A demo application focusing on what matters
  • In person training. (3 days)

The main subjects covered are:

    • New Project Development Environment
    • New Task Editors: Data, Logic, Forms and Expressions
    • XP style
    • Enhanced Windows GUI Controls: Tabs, Check boxes, Radio buttons and Tables
    • Form-State Persistency
    • Event Paradigm Evolution
    • Sub Forms
    • Developers functions
    • Menu System Enhancements
    • The new debugger
    • Version Control
    • Multi-Tasking: MDI, SDI...
    • Unicode Support
    • Date & Time SQL Support
    • XML
    • Web Services
    • Components Generator
    • Report Generator
    • Migration

Don't spend endless time figuring it out, we already did it for you.

Migration from Pervasive to SQL        top

To migrate or not to migrate? That is the question!

This course is a key component of our Migration from Pervasive to SQL related offer. We have migrated several eDeveloper applications from one platform to the other and are currently maintaining applications that can be deployed over these DBMSs from one unique and central CTL. In this course (minimum one day), we focus on providing the audiance the knowledge that will enable them to most efficiently migrate an eDeveloper application from the ISAM world to the RDBMS world of MSSQL, Oracle and others. Topics covered in this class are:

  • Discussing the options and implications
  • Prelimanary work on current application
  • Tables changes
  • Transaction Processing in depth
  • Addressing first activation issues
  • SQL related optimization
  • And more...

Magic Custom (what you may specifically need)       top

Offering a variety of courses enables our instructors to be very flexible in sharing their expertise. They can combine elements of different courses to provide you with custom made sessions that can address your organization's needs with more precision. Such sessions usually devote time addressing issues related to the applications running within you organization.

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