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Magic Application Upgrade from version 8 to version 9

Magic Version 9 is a stable and reliable platform for several years already. With the release of Version 10, there is one more good reason not to stay behind.

However, upgrading a Magic Application from V8 to V9 can be challenging and lead to unnecessary efforts if not performed with appropriate knowledge and expertise. In many cases, it might not be necessary nor justified to incur the costs of acquiring such ability on your own.

Good News!

We have faced this challenge numerous times already. As such, we have developed a good expertise in moving applications as is from V8 to V9. For example, we have converted a 2,000+ programs application from V8 to V9 in just a few days.

What we offer

It is always a joined effort. However, our consulting contribution combining knowledge, effort and some programs can reduce significantly the overall cost of such conversion.


The price for our services on such project tipically amounts to less than three days of consulting and is related to the size of the application to convert.

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