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eDeveloper Application Upgrade from version 9 to version 10

Your Magic application is now at version 9.4 SP7+ and you wish to take advantage of powerful features of eDeveloper 10 such as:

- Multy Tasking: Parallel processing, true MDI, SDI...
- Sub-forms: One to Many have never been easier to implement
- GUI Enhanced controls: Tab, Radio buttons, Check boxes, Tables...
- XP look an feel
- Enhanced debugging & Logging capabilities
- XML: Accessible like any other table
- Web Services: Straight forward and easy to implement
- Composite Application Generator: Generates applications automatically!
- Report Generator: It's back!
- The list goes on and on ...

Good News!

We have upgraded our skills to be able to minimize the time required to perform such exercise. Currently, it seems that such exercise requires much less expertise and efforts to be able to execute your V9 application in V10 "As is" compare to the previous upgrade from V8 to V9.

What we offer

As we actually proceed with live applications upgrade, we will gladly put at your disposal the knowledge and expertise acquired.


The price will be based on the size (number of tables and programs) of the application.

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