- Pop-up calendar for eDeveloper Applications

- Contemporary Look and feel

- Sample Application

- Source code included

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eDev Calendar


A clean and windows-like calendar object that is easy to use and implement.

The end users zoom from any date field from your application to get the calendar.


Press the <Stop> and <Play> buttons above to play demo from the beginning.

You can implement it in minutes. Only one program, no model, table, etc.


- The easiest and fastest way to add calendar object to your entire application.

- It can be effortlessly applied to any existing eDeveloper v9 and v10 application.

- Source Code Included! You can modify it at your will, you are in complete control!

- No third party dll or ActiveX utilities.

- Fully Documented.

User Interface

The perfect interface, exactly what you and your users would expect a calendar to look like and behave.


We save all your effort and cost of developing this utility so buy it once and use it forever.

Product price:

v9.4 SP7+: 69 USD

v10.1 SP3+: 69 USD

Both together: 89 USD


Click here for more information on how to obtain eDev Calendar


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