- Excel-enables your applications

- Great Documentation

- Sample Application

- Source code included

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“I've been using this and it works very well !

Will save you far more time than what it costs and will be a great addition to any v10 application.”

- Keith Canniff



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eDev to Excel

Export any online uniPaaS program's data view to excel instantly without additional programming!

Since April 2011, this utility is also available for uniPaaS/RIA!

Click here for more information on RIA To Excel.

The end users click on a button and excel opens with the current screen content.


Press the <Stop> and <Play> buttons above to play demo from the beginning.

Click here to view eDev To Excel in action on YouTube.

In Essence, eDevToExcel is aimed at answering a most typical end user question today.
"OK, where do I click if I want to have what is currently on the screen in Excel?"

Without eDevToExcel, addressing this question with uniPaaS (from Magic Software) for each individual program is possible but can quickly become time consuming in terms of development efforts.

Once eDevToExcel is added to an application (one time set-up), it is a matter of minutes (or less) to add this functionality over any online program of the application.

Showing this to your end users or prospects, can trigger very positive reactions.

eDev to Excel benefits:

- The easiest and fastest way to add data view to excel functionality to your entire application.

- It can be effortlessly applied to any existing eDeveloper v10 application.

- Source Code Included! You can modify it at your will, you are in complete control!

- Available for eDeveloper v10.

- This feature alone can convince your customers to upgrade to v10.

- Wizard Driven.

- No third party or ActiveX utilities.

- Works with all Databases supported by eDeveloper.

- Fully Documented.

User Interface

Interaction with the utility ranges from a simple click of the mouse to a multi step wizard.

It is up to the developer to decide what level of user interaction will be available to the end user. Each of your application screens may be set up differently.

Common Questions (FAQ)

Click here to read frequently asked questions


We save all your effort and cost of developing this utility so buy it once and use it forever.

Price: 295 USD.


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