Informaplus introduces its latest v10 offer: eDev to Excel. It opens the contents of your sceen in excel. Click here for details or Buy it Now.


To get a free demo version or for further information on eDev to Excel please contact us

How to buy eDev to Excel


Package Contents

- Read Me

- Demo Program (self explanatory)

- Source code!

- Documentation (30 pages pdf)

- HTML template


eDeveloper Version

eDev to Excel is currently available for eDeveloper version 10.1. SP3c or later. The product is available for Xpress and Enterprise. A Discovery based version is also available upon request.


The use of eDev to Excel requires Magic eDeveloper v10 (from Magic Software), Excel and an adequate level of understanding of the following:

- Magic online forms and engine concepts. Particularly the concept of eDeveloper Data View.

- Basic understanding of how to raise events.

- Basic understanding of eDevelopers menus.

- Fonts and color files and how an application is referencing them.

- Usage of models for forms and GUI controls.

- Being able to Export and Import application objects such as Models, Data Source and Programs.


Payment Process

- Follow the 'Buy Now' link at the bottom of this page to read the License Agreement.

- The 'I Agree' link takes you to the payment page.

- Provide your payment information.

- Product will be delivered to the email address you provide during the purchase process

Price & Tax

Base price: $US 295.00

Canadian residents will be charged 5% GST

Quebec residents will be charged 5% GST and 7.5% combined PST



Informaplus does not provide training or additional functions except at its own discretion. As said in the License Agreement, we also can not afford to be liable for any problem or inconvenience that may arise while using eDev to Excel. Please read the License Agreement and proceed further only if you agree.

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