- Excel-enables your applications

- Great Documentation

- Sample Application

- Source code included

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“I've been using this and it works very well !

Will save you far more time than what it costs and will be a great addition to any v10 application.”

- Keith Canniff


eDev to Excel Common Questions (FAQ)

1) Does it really work?

Yes. We have yet to encounter a situation from our current customers or in our own deployed applications that we could not get working.

2) Is it well supported?

For the price, we can not guaranty endless support. However, we understand that our reputation is linked to the satisfaction of those who chose the product. As such, we have addressed and answered all issues or question so far and intend to do whatever is possible to do to make sure the product works in any delivered context.

3) Do many eDevelopers or organizations use the product already?

A steadily increasing number of organizations are using the product. We do refer to the product here as our hot cake seller.

4) Does it take long to learn and Implement?

No. Here are a few pointers:

- From product delivery to first install and demo execution should take you less than half an hour.

- Running the demo to get the global idea is also less than half an hour.

- Implementing the product in your first application will take you about an hour. The documentation is very complete to this regard and will take you through this step by step. No real complexity. just a little time is required to get your head around some of the good ideas that make it the slim and smart product that it is.

- Once an application is enabled, enabling a new on-line task is most of the time a matter of seconds and can take up to a few minutes in the case of a long and complicated data view or some specific scenarios. How to go about these is also well documented.

5) Data Views are often made of many fields that are irrelevant to an end user. Can the fields presented to the user be limited to only those a user needs to see?

Absolutely. You can control both the fields that are available for the user to select and then from these, the user can select those that he wants and in what columns order they should be shown in the Exel result.

6) Do you need to install third party ActiveX or DLL for eDev To Excel to Work?

No. All you need is eDeveloper 10 and Excel or some Excel compatible product.


7) Is the product sensitive to the Excel version?

No. Until proven otherwise. We have successfully implemented it with Excel2000, Excel2007 and Open Office Org Calv V2.3 but see no reason why it should not work with other Excel versions or compatible products.


8) Is there a V9 version of the product?

No. There will not be. Unfortunately, eDev to Excel makes usage of some new functions that are only available in V10.


9) Do I have access to the source code? Can I modify or enhance the product for my own purposes?

Yes. You get the complete and documented source code. We believe the code is very clean and as simple as it needs to be. We did devote time and effort to make sure it is so.


10) Is the product free?

No. But we sincerely believe it is more than well worth. It is 295$ USD. This is only a fraction in cost of what it would take any senior eDeveloper to reproduce some meaningful part of it. The product as reached a features and maturity level that can not be reproduced for anything comparable to the amount we are asking for. With the source code included. It is like you sub-contracted us to develop this feature for you. There are no market hourly rate that would cover the development time that it took to come up to such result at the total price we are asking.

11) How does the licensing work? Do I need to buy more than one time for any reason?

No, one purchase is enough to develop and deploy regardless of the number of developers, sites and end users. We just restrict you not to redistribute the product as the tool that it is, but always as a feature over some application that you own and to which it is adding value.


12) Is the Data Transfered to Excel limited to the current page on the screen?

No. The complete Data View of the on-line task is covered exactly as it is just before activating the function. This includes any sort or range applied by the user just before proceeding.


13) Is the definition of an export saved or does everything needs to be repeated every time?

All the options relating to each on-line tasks are saved in a database of your choice. As such nothing needs to be re-specified when activating the interface in sub-sequent sessions.

14) Once an interface is in place, can it be modified to add or remove selected columns?

Absolutely, there are two events available to be raised. One will attempt as much as possible to produce a previously defined result directly without further user interventions, the other will propose the wizard sequence that enables the user to change the interface (only what is different) prior to executing it.


15) Can more than one export definition be defined for the same on-line task?

No. Currently, in one context (task path) leading to an enabled on-line task, there is only one definition that is saved and as such can be re-used. We are considering adding the possibility to support many definitions of one on-line context in the future but this is not available currently.

16) What is the product foot print?

It is very small. The utility set is composed of seven (7) programs and one (1) demo program. The biggest program is made of seven (7) tasks. The biggest Logical or Data View editor is composed of eighty five (85) lines. The programs are well written and easy to understand. They are also well covered in the documentation.


17) What is the format of the actual data being produced? Does the utility allows for some user control over the content type?

The utility supports three (3) possible intermediate contents. HTML (the default), TXT (typically for CSV) and XML. Yes, the end user can chose at runtime (If the developer allowed it). Actually eDev to Excel is a simplified and focused name for ease of initial understanding. In fact the product is more than this. It is a generic Data View processor. The exporting to Excel facility is in fact a default behavior of a more capable and general engine. Also, the result can be opened with any program you want other than Excel (Notepad, Explorer, Winword ...).


18) Is the product component based?

No. you do not need to know anything about components to be able to take advantage of eDev to Excel.

Because we are providing the source code with the product, we feel it is simpler to enable importing the objects directly in any host application avoiding to impose the architecture of components to those who might not like this approach.

19) Is it possible to format the Excel Result (Title font, Image, Background color...)?

Yes. Through the HTML type, one can also specify an HTML Template. The template can hold formatting styles that will be merge to produce the equivalent formatted result. An example of such template is supplied as part of the product.

20) Is there a free demo available?

Yes, just ask for it here.

The demo version will enable you to get a good feeling of what it offers and also can validate that the product works in you environment. However, it has limitations such as no source code, no ability to save options and no ability to embed and use the product in your own application.

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