- Magic Html-Merge Framework.

- Detailed and tutorial based documentation

- Fully Operational Sample Application.

- Source code included.

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Create true public and SAAS applications without the requirement of additional client-side technologies other than a standard browser. eDevWebH also enables you to extend any of your Magic LAN desktop application to the web.

If you are using eDeveloper or UniPaaS from Magic Software and are contemplating the realization of a first fully operational HTML-Merge web site, you came to the right place.

eDevWebH is a fully operational framework environment with sample programs that helps you understand and create solid HTML-merge websites.

With eDevWebH, you will be efficiently exposed to all the basic concepts and features that fill the gap between Magic regular desktop and HTML Merge application development.

Specific Features:

- Login, Logout entry form with password encryption

- User registration - 'My Profile'

- Top banner, footer and menu

- Column sorting

- Session Manager (click here for more information)

- Session identification with GUID generation

- Session expiry

- Basic script filtering

- Error Handling

- Session activity log

- Built-in Pagination (click here for more information)

- Multi-Tenancy (click here for more information)

- Demo

- Fully operational On-line features presentation

- Paginated List and property details display and maintenance

- Ability to add, modify and remove

Check out the demo application video here


Documentation (80+ pages, click here for more information)

- Describing the framework details and how to use it

- HTML Merge tutorial


Source Code Included!

You can modify it at your will, you are in complete control!

No third party dll or ActiveX utilities.



eDevWeH is the fastest and most efficient way to get your first or next Public web application up and running.

Even if you have done HTML merge web projects before, consider doing the next one with eDevWebH. It is likely that you'll get a cleaner result that is more pleasent to develop and maintain than what you have experienced before.

Don't hesitate any longer taking advantage of the powerful combination of eDeveloper/UniPaaS and the World Wide Web?

Don't spend days and weeks of your development teams time building the above necessary processes and associated know how when you can have it all immediately at your disposal.


Common Questions (FAQ)

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We save all your effort and cost of developing this utility so buy it once and use it forever.

Product price: $495 USD


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