- Magic Html-Merge Framework.

- Detailed and tutorial based documentation

- Fully Operational Sample Application.

- Source code included.

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eDevWebH - Documentation


With over 80 pages of 'pdf' information, eDevWebH documentation is very thorough. It covers the following two topics in great details:

- HTML-Merge based development with Magic.

- eDevWebH applications and framework details.


Specific Features:

Here are some of the most important topics covered in the documentation:

About HTML-Merge based development with Magic:

- eDevWebH and the HTML-Merge approach.

- Magic over the Web Architecture.

- HTML-Merge General considerations.

- HTML-Merge Development considerations.

- HTML-Merge Fundamental elements.

- HTML-Merge Form Type.

- HTML Page design with external editor.

- HTML-Merge Regular Merge Tag.

- HTML-Merge Repeat Merge Tag.

- HTML-Merge Include Merge Tag.

- HTML-Merge Conditional Merge Tag.

- Request Link Method.

- Building Dynamic Requests Links.

- Form Submit/Post request method.

- And more ...

About eDevWebH application and framework:

- Preliminary Installation Considerations

- Getting Started

- eDevWebH Demo

- eDevWebH Tables and details columns and Indexes descriptions

- eDevWebH Programs detailed considerations.

- eDevWebH Generic Processing Flow.

- eDevWebH Configuration.

- Global Theme Control.

- Session Management.

- Menu Options.

- Sorting.

- Password Encryption and Decryption.

- GUID Generator.

- Pagination.

- SOURCEPAGE parameter.

- User Options Flow.

- Producing new Requests Handler.

- Testing and Debugging.

- Multy-Tenancy.

- And more...



There is no longer a need for a formal training because the documentation provides everything you need to get up to speed with the Magic HTML-Merge approach in addition to making it very easy to take advantage of all the concepts, programs and methods already in place in the supporting application.

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