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eDevWebH - Multi Tenancy

When developing and deploying 'Software as a Service' (SaaS) applications that are to be offered to any individual or business around the world (Public web site), the need for Multi-Tenancy (MT) quickly emerges.

MT is a very popular subject today. A quick search on Google will grant you access to numerous pertinent articles on the subject.

In short, multi-tenancy is the ability to provide software application services to many independent and unrelated entities (often and typically different organizations) via a mostly centralized and unique infrastructure (servers, data and programs).

For each organization subscribing (for free or not) to the service, all users of this organization share data and a logical instance of the application features that looks unique and common to everyone in their organization. However, the same structure of data and application features is also available to other people (users) from other organizations. The usage of the application is distributed as such while possibly being based on the same server, database instance and not to be excluded single code base of the application. The idea is that the more the infrastructure servicing these many organizations is central and unique, the lesser are costs for deploying and maintaining such infrastructure.

Though addressing the above is not rocket science, having to conceive and implement an MT based application for the first time, can reveal to be more complicated than originally anticipated.

Many things need to be considered. Such as:

• User Account Creation in a MT context is more elaborate than simple user registration.
• Creation and maintenance of organizations is necessary.
• Users login to a specific organization has to be supported.
• Organization level ‘Administrator’ capabilities are required.
• 'Webmaster' capabilities are required to administer all organizations.
• Ability to always be able to refer to a current organization of a session for the purpose of locating and selecting the specific data set of this organization is mandatory.
• More…

The good news is:

eDevWebH now offers an elaborate set of built-in capabilities with regards to the above considerations. These will significantly kick start the realization of any MT based SaaS offer. The result being HTML-Merge based is available over the web in the most convenient possible manner as only an internet connection and a regular browser is required to register and use the service.


You can see it all in action by accessing our demo web site and going through the multi-tenancy tour steps proposed on the right side of the demo procedure.

Already registered users can use their past established User Id and Password.


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