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eDevWebH - Pagination

When returning a list of information over the web, it is highly advisable to break long results into pages where only one page is displayed at a time and from which the user can click on some additional links (pagination footer) available in order to navigate from one page to another within the overall result set.

The Pagination section of eDevWebH program repository was developed to handle as much of possible this aspect and reduce to minimal the effort required to develop and implement future list based programs such as the People List Form program below.

Specific Features:

The above diagram demonstrates the result of the pagination facility in the context of a People list option. The following can be observed:

- The list result is broken down in pages of no more than a configurable value (10 in this example) defined at user profile level. The last page can be less.

- In the above example, there is up to 3 pages of data to navigate through.

- Using the pagination footer at the bottom of the page the user can:

. Know what page he is on and how many pages of information there are in total.

. Go to the First or Previous page if he is not located on the First page currently.

. Go to the Next or Last page if he is not located on the Last page currently.

. Select and Go directly to any page he wants in the available result.



Providing a generic for all applications online requests pagination mechanism is another valuable contribution of eDevWebH. Developing an equivalent mechanism on your own will by itself cost several times more than the price to pay for eDevWebH and everything else it offers.


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