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Session Management

Session Management is a combination of information and logic that identifies, validates and enables requests to proceed in the "Stateless Connectivity" (SC) environment of an Internet browser. To understand the need for "Session Management" (SM), one must first realize the nature and implications of "Stateless Connectivity" (SC).

SC is an important particularity of the web basic infrastructure. It does not have to do with Magic itself. It relates to the fact that every interaction through a web browser is standalone and completely independent and with very limited or for practical means no reference kept anywhere about any previous interaction.

For example: Nothing in the web infrastructure knows that the latest request relates to a previous one or weather or not the current user has been authenticated before or not.

Furthermore, in Magic, every batch tasks that are invoked in processing a particular request constitute a unique runtime session that will terminate at the end of the processing of that specific request. By default, such termination does not retain anything from the process that could be inquired or used by these same or any other batch process on a subsequent execution of a following request.

In a simple "Query" only and Public for all information environment, the above described situation has limited or no impact on what an application needs to do. However, in a transactional application context with the ability to create, modify and delete information that needs to be preserved from unwanted intruders, such stateless environment can lead to data security and integrity issues as well other request threading associated complications.

It does not take long or too many features for the need of some kind of Session Management to reveal itself when developing a Browser based HTML-Merge application. Too often that need is underestimated and consequently misconceived and initially poorly executed. The result can be a laborious and patch-as-needed evolution of code that may tend to make the overall result to be more convoluted and harder to maintain and develop further in the future.

Specific Features:

A significant value added aspect of eDevWebH is that it provides a generic and out of the box "Session Manager" that is robust yet easy to deal with. This Session Manager also serves as a base that can be built upon when implementing future logic for any specific application.

eDevWebH Session Manager is a black box type of program that will spare you to conceive, produce, combine and test a significant agglomeration of code required to perform pertinent when not simply necessary tasks such as:

- Starting a new session upon authorized login event.

- Identifying the session which is performed by generating a "Globally Unique Identifier" or GUID which will be tagged to and subsequently validated from any request managed in the future under this session.

- Validate access and dispatch requests through proper validation mechanism that are pertinent for the type of request at hand. Invalid access are re-oriented towards the login page.

- Handle automatic session expiry in the frequent and unavoidable possibility that the user leaves without logging out.

- Record errors in an error log for anything that may go wrong during a session.

- Record all pertinent activity in an activity log during a session for future and statistical reference.

- Clean up session information upon session logout event.

- And More...


Unless you have it all covered already through some numerous past iterations of HTML-Merge type of development, the Session Manager alone will spare you research and development costs that would exceed many times the price of eDevWebH itself.

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